Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. How do I schedule an appointment? 

A. To schedule an appointment, call Medical Oncology: (860) 714-4680, or Radiation Oncology: (860) 714-4568 

Q. What if I am unable to keep an appointment?  

A. It is very important to keep your appointments. However, if you're unable to keep an appointment, please notify the Cancer Center at least 24 hours in advance. Please honor the appointment time(s) you are given. Patients are called in the order in which they are scheduled. 

 Q. Will patients need to see their family physicians during treatment?

A. The physicians at the Cancer Center will stay in close contact with family and referring physicians throughout treatment. However, patients should see their doctors for checkups or for conditions unrelated to cancer. 

Q. Will patients need to visit the hospital for blood work or other tests? 

A. Most blood work and some diagnostic test related to cancer treatment are performed at the Cancer Center, and results are developed in our own lab. 

Q. Who arranges home care or hospice services? 

A. If either is appropriate, Cancer Center staff will coordinate these services. 

Q. What are clinical trials, and how is the Cancer Center involved in them? 

A. Clinical trials are nationwide tests on advanced cancer treatment drugs and techniques.  Clinical trials are available to our patients. Our clinical research nurses will review your chart for possible eligibility. Be assured that your permission is needed for any participation on our part. 

Q. Can I get my prescription medications at the Cancer Center? 

A. There is an Arrow Pharmacy on the first floor of the main hospital building. Please note: Obtaining narcotic prescriptions over the phone at night or on weekends may be difficult or impossible, given regulations and laws. 

Q. How do I go about getting prescription refills? 

A. Please ask during your appointment with your doctor to refill any prescriptions you may need. Also, request enough refills to last until your next appointment with this doctor. Please have available the following information: name of drug, dose frequency, and pharmacy. 

Q. Whom do I call to get information related to my medical records or a possible disability claim? 

A. For copies of records/disability claims, call the Cancer Center Office at (860) 714-4680. For inpatient admissions records call the Medical Records Department at (860) 714-4646, and press 2. 

Q. How do I get test results? 

A. Your physician will review any test results. If the test results are those expected by your doctor, you will not necessarily receive a follow-up call. If you wish a special arrangement regarding test results, talk with your physician at the time of your visits.